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 Marni Amsellem, Ph.D. 

It's nighttime and you're about to go to sleep. Have you asked yourself these questions: 

  • What will happen tonight when I try to fall asleep?  How bad will my night of sleep be tonight?
  • Will I have trouble falling asleep or  wake too early again?
  • How long will you be up in the middle of the night tonight?

Does the thought of going to sleep induce anxiety?

If you don't get enough sleep tonight, do you fear you won't be able to function tomorrow?

Insomnia can be debilitating and hard to effectively treat long-term.  If insomnia has become part of your life and you would like to do something about it, you may consider Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i). This is considered to be the "gold standard" in treating insomnia.

Contact Marni Amsellem, Ph.D. to discuss whether this may be an option for you.