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Writing and Speaking

Dr. Amsellem is passionate about communicating psychology and health-related topics to a broad audience. She writes and speaks about emotional health and coping, relationship health, stress management, sleep, health concerns, caregiver issues, goal-setting, and life transitions. Her writing can be found: .

For media inquiries, contact Marni Amsellem, Ph.D.

Recent media Interviews:

Relationship health and self-care:

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Health issues, sleep, anxiety, and stress management:

Why do I wake in the middle of the night?

11 tips to help you get to bed earlier

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Cancer-focused support and psychosocial needs:

Telling family and friends that you have cancer

"If you need anything, let me know": What not to say to a friend with cancer.

Coping with lung cancer: How to find the support you need

The challenges of long-distance cancer caregiving 

Dealing with caregiver burnout

How to tell your child that you have cancer

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